Latin American Women Face Forced Sterilization


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Rafael Garibay Rodríguez

This research blog aims to bring awareness to the forced sterilization that is experienced by women across Latin America. In this digital case study, we are specifically interested in looking at two groups that have been targeted — women with HIV and indigenous women in Peru. These two groups face a unique set of challenges that come with being part of other minority groups simultaneously. In this blog, we will explore the extend by which sterilization has impacted the lives of women. In addition, integrated videos will help break the stigma associated with HIV and bring to light the struggles faced by indigenous poor women in Peru. I invite you to learn about this issue that has lead to the sterilization of approximately 250,000 women just in Peru and the compensation of $5-11 for a doctor who sterilizes a woman.

MLK: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

Please follow think for the Prezi:

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